Health minister launches ‘Eat Right, Stay Fit, Tabhi India Super Fit’

“Eat Right, Stay Fit, Tabhi India Super Fit”, Dr Harsh Vardhan  said this as he launched the Eat Right India Movement of FSSAI, the new healthy eating approach which places citizens at the centre of a Health Revolution through food and fitness. The campaign ‘Eat Right India’ with its new logo and tagline ‘Sahi Bhojan. […]

Millet Protein Market to Penetrate Untapped Regions During 2018-2028

Millet Protein Market: Overview Millet Protein is sourced from the millet grain and can be used in nutritional supplements and food products. Millet protein is used for different applications like nutritional drinks, protein shakes, food products and nutraceuticals. The wide range of practical applications of millet protein leads to increasing demand for millet protein from […]

Panera Is Now Testing A Dinner Menu

If Panera Bread is one of your go-to restaurants for lunch, get ready to add it to your after-work dinner plans as well. While the restaurant chain has always been open during the evening hours, they are officially testing a 10-item dinner menu full of hearty, wholesome, made-from-scratch meals that not only sound amazing but […]