Eau Claire (WQOW) – A staff member at South Middle School in Eau Claire was shocked when she bit into her lunch and found something that was not food.

School officials say the incident happened Wednesday. The staff member ended up with a small cut in her mouth.

Joshua Guckenberg, the director of food and nutrition for the school district, said the the small object was either plastic or glass and was found in packaged bread.

Guckenberg said they pulled all the bread and other food items from the same brand off the serving lines. They also checked students’ plates and took back any potentially problematic food. Those students were offered other food or a refund.

Guckenberg said no students or other staff members reported finding any objects in their food.

“Kids especially at the lower middle school and younger ages, they’re a susceptible population, so they’re more likely to feel the effects from food than what we are as adults. So, we have to be diligent about that,” Guckenberg said.

Guckenberg said staff notified the health department about what happened as well as the distributor and manufacturer. He said the vendor stopped shipping the packaged bread and is sending the district a substitution.

Guckenberg said his staff is trying to determine why this happened.

Below is a letter sent to parents from Eau Claire Superintendent Mary Ann Hardebeck.

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